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Raiders' Carr: 'We just got our butt kicked'
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Cropped 2016 12 24t012434z 363260816 nocid rtrmadp 3 nba chicago bulls at charlotte hornets
Wade: 'I have no complaints' with Bulls' management
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Michael Jordan, Kings owner release statements opposing Trump's comments
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Porzingis 'ready for the challenge' of leading Knicks in post-Melo era
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Tony Parker expects to return from leg injury 2 months ahead of schedule
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Report: Cavaliers, Spurs, Heat are front-runners to sign Wade after buyout
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A's Maxwell says he's received threats but won't stop kneeling
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Bulls' Pondexter reveals he was 'close to dying' after suffering skin infection
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Florida State is unranked for 1st time since '11, and fans should be concerned
Cropped 2017 09 25t005603z 588045641 nocid rtrmadp 3 nfl oakland raiders at washington redskins
Watch: Raiders score quick TD after Crowder muffs punt
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Watch: Redskins' Doctson shows insane hops on 52-yard TD grab
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Report: Eagles' Sproles believed to have suffered broken arm; out indefinitely
Cropped 2017 09 25t005612z 479129186 nocid rtrmadp 3 nfl oakland raiders at washington redskins
Watch: Redskins' Davis turns back the clock against Raiders
Cropped 2017 04 19t025735z 547599697 nocid rtrmadp 3 nba playoffs chicago bulls at boston celtics
Report: Bulls, Wade reach buyout agreement
Cropped 2017 09 25t004440z 856859864 nocid rtrmadp 3 nfl oakland raiders at washington redskins
Raiders, Redskins demonstrate team-wide protests during anthem
Cropped 2017 06 08t040212z 1436441457 nocid rtrmadp 3 nba finals golden state warriors at cleveland cavaliers
Durant proud of Curry, NFL players for using stage to inspire change
Cropped 2017 09 24t235645z 140273240 nocid rtrmadp 3 nfl kansas city chiefs at los angeles chargers
Chiefs' Smith rips Trump: 'This is the same guy who couldn't condemn violent neo-Nazis'
Cropped 2017 09 25t003639z 1454575030 nocid rtrmadp 3 mlb miami marlins at arizona diamondbacks
Watch: D-Backs celebrate postseason berth with impromptu pool party
Cropped 2017 09 24t211853z 450457961 nocid rtrmadp 3 nfl atlanta falcons at detroit lions
Lions Twitter argues with officiating analyst over controversial ending
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Political action committee forms campaign to boycott NFL